Music & Sound Therapy

Emancipator- Seven Seas (Album)

This is a requested album from one of our visitors. It’s really good, I hope you enjoy it! 😀


Shigeto (SoundCloud)

Another great downtempo electronic artist I found recently:

Throat Singing Drone

Another great noise generator with a different feel:

Throat Singing Drone

Storm Noise Generator

Highly Recommended! This has greatly improved my sleep:

Storm Noise Generator

Gramatik Playlist (Youtube)

Gramatik is a highly skilled electronic artist that I had the pleasure to see live recently. I think his music is a perfect fit here:

Kodomo – Still Life (Album)

One of my favorite albums. Also a great relaxing soundtrack.

Sound Therapy

This blog is dedicated to sound therapy that you can do from your home without professionals. Sound and music therapy is a very broad field; if you are interested in some of the deeper aspects of it, I would recommend you do seek out a trained professional.

These posts will consist primarily of music and sound sources that I personally found to be helpful. I recommend you check out each post and take the survey at the top of the blog if you found any of it to be helpful or interesting. 🙂

Brain Food Study Music (Youtube)

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